DNP: Post-MSN Pathway

This pathway charts a course for nurses with a specialty MSN to achieve the highest level of nursing practice, and all the personal, financial and professional benefits a doctoral degree confers.

  • Students meet in person just 1x/month, with the balance of learning completed online
  • Full- and part-time programs available
  • Two years (full-time) or three years (part-time) to degree
  • 39 credits beyond the MSN degree
  • Application deadline: December 1 for entry the following fall

Who should apply?

Applicants to the post-master's DNP should have advanced education in a clinical specialty. Candidates who are eligible for clinical certification as APRNs should have valid APRN licenses. Graduates from other advanced specialty areas such as public health or health administration do not need these certifications.

Candidates with generalist MSN degrees (CNL, nursing education, informatics, etc.) should pursue a post-master's program to obtain clinical specialization before pursuing a DNP. Alternatively, a BSN to DNP pathway is also available, and includes preparation for NP or CNS certification.