FAQs: Traditional BSN program for high school seniors.

When is the application deadline?

November 1 for Early Action and January 1 for Regular Decision.

Do I need to meet with someone at the nursing school or be interviewed?

UVA does not interview any undergraduate degree applicants. If you would like to visit the school, we offer tours at noon on most weekdays during the school year (September to April). We also sponsor information sessions for prospective students each year.

What kind of experience are you looking for prior to applying to the School of Nursing?

The strongest applicants have solid academic experience and some kind of exposure to or experience in health care or nursing. Your experience may fall within a wide continuum of exposure to the field. You should be taking the most challenging courses available at your high school and have a solid academic record.

How many applications do you usually receive each year?

Our applications have been steadily rising during the past three years. Last year, we received more than 15 applicants for each of our 75 first-year spots.

When am I notified about admission?

Admission decisions are posted online by January 31 (for Early Action) and April 1 (for Regular Decision).

What are the average test scores and GPAs of nursing applicants?

Because grading scales can vary from school to school, an average GPA is hard to compute. When we review academic records we are looking to see that you have taken challenging courses and done well. For more information about average test scores, please visit the UVA Office of Undergraduate Admission website.

What are the best classes for me to take in high school to prepare me for nursing school?

You should be enrolled in the most challenging college preparation courses your high school offers.

Will the nursing school prepare me for medical school?

A baccalaureate curriculum in nursing is not equivalent to a typical pre-med curriculum. 

What kind of financial aid do you offer?

All financial aid for undergraduate students at UVA is administered through UVA Student Financial Services. To apply, you need to complete the federal FAFSA form and the CSS/Profile form. All aid is need-based; the University meets 100% of demonstrated need.

When can I visit the School of Nursing?

We offer student-led tours most weekdays during the academic year (please phone ahead: 434-924-0141). We offer information sessions throughout the year.

For additional information on admission and programs, contact the School of Nursing Office of Admissions and Student Services by email or phone: (434) 924-0141.