Frequently asked questions

Application Questions

How do I apply? 

You submit the Common Application through the UVA Office of Undergraduate Admission. We recommend that you speak with Austin Stajduhar, Assistant Director for Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Aid, before beginning this application. She can guide you through questions on the Common Application that may seemingly not apply to your unique situation in returning to school.

Where do I get an application? 

Applications are available from the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Are applications accepted on a rolling admissions basis? 

Students are admitted for the fall semester only, and the applications are reviewed after the March 1 deadline. Decisions are posted by May 1.

How many credits do I need to complete before applying? 

RN to BSN applicants need to have the general education requirements completed by the time they enroll in classes at UVA. Most students prefer to take these courses at their community college and to have these courses completed when they start the program.

How can I find out if the courses I have taken will transfer to UVA?

Austin Stajduhar, Assistant Director for Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Aid, can answer questions about transfer credit. For information on transfer credit, please visit the following website: Transfer Credit Analyzer.

Do I need to meet with someone at the nursing school? Does the nursing school interview applicants? 

It is helpful to set up a meeting with Austin Stajduhar, Assistant Director for Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Aid, to do a transcript review prior to applying.

Where should I mail my transcripts?

Official transcripts should be sent to the University of Virginia, Office of Undergraduate Admission, PO Box 400160, Charlottesville, VA 22904.

How many applications do you usually have each year? 

We usually have approximately 40-60 applications each year. We typically have space for 30 new students.

Do I have to have my RN license before I apply to the program? 

No. However, you will need to have your RN license by the time that you begin classes. You will not be allowed to enroll in any RN-to-BSN classes without a copy of your license on file in the School of Nursing Office of Admissions and Student Services.

What kind of financial aid do you offer? 

All financial aid for undergraduate students at UVA is administered through the UVA Financial Aid Office. To apply, you need to complete the federal FAFSA form, the CSS/Profile form, and a School of Nursing financial aid form. All aid is need-based; the University meets 100% of demonstrated need. You are strongly encouraged to apply for financial aid as our strong nursing alumni base is very supportive with scholarships and other sources of funding.

What kind of program do you offer LPNs? 

We do not offer a transition program for LPNs. We are happy to work with you though to create a plan to complete your RN elsewhere and then apply to complete your BSN with us.

Course and Program Questions

Can I attend the program full-time? 

The RN to BSN program is a part-time program. The School of Nursing advocates this approach, respectful of the importance of work-life-school balance and the need to take care of oneself to take care of others.  

Can I take courses before being admitted?

You may take up to three RN to BSN classes before being admitted into the program (pathophysiology, health policy, leadership, statistics, research, and/or the University elective).

How many courses are taught online? 

The RN to BSN program is now being offered in a Hybrid model with two-thirds of the RN to BSN class meetings taught online, and students convene in-person on Grounds for classes just once a month!

Are there clinicals in this program? How are they set up?

There are direct and indirect care experiences in the RN to BSN program. Students work with the course professor to fulfill the CCNE practice experience requirements for the RN to BSN program.

Are there any required courses?

Yes. Human anatomy & physiology, lifespan development or developmental psychology, pharmacology, and health assessment are required for admission to the program. Microbiology will be required beginning fall of 2019. If you graduate from the VCCS’s new concept-based curriculum (spring 2019 graduates), you will meet all criteria. If you are from another program, please submit syllabi from your program and we will gladly review them to determine equivalency for these courses.

Do I need to take statistics?

You will now take statistics as part of the RN to BSN program. It is an introductory statistics course that uses almost all health care research examples. The focus is on univariate statistics (independent t tests through simple regression) and the course is designed to let you work with an actual database to better understand the different statistical tests.

Do I get any credit for the pharmacology and assessment courses?

For all RN to BSN programs, a minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation. 30 hours are taken as part of the two-year program of study and 48 general education credits transfer into the University. The remaining 42 credits are awarded as advanced standing to students for prior nursing courses, including the required lifespan (above), pharmacology, and assessment credits.

What if my nursing program did not require lifespan development?

We will gladly review your program’s syllabus to determine equivalency. Many community colleges offer lifespan courses (such as PSY 230 in the Virginia Community College System). This course, or NUIP 2240 at UVA, will satisfy this admissions requirement. This course must be completed prior to enrollment.

Why doesn’t my developmental psychology course count toward the required credits in social science/history? 

You do get credit for developmental psychology, but it is transferred in with the 42 credits for your previous nursing courses.

What if my nursing program did not require microbiology?

We will gladly review your program’s syllabus to determine equivalency. Many community colleges offer microbiology courses, including the Virginia Community College System. A VCCS course or NUIP 2080 at UVA will satisfy this admissions requirement. This course must be completed prior to enrollment (beginning fall 2019).

What type of classes transfer in as elective credit? 

Almost anything; however, there is a limit to the number of performance credits that can be transferred (e.g., physical education, studio art, music, etc.). It is best to consult with Austin Stajduhar, Assistant Director for Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Aid, or refer to the Transfer Credit Analyzer.

What classes should I be taking now at my present school to prepare me for UVA?

The best approach is to work on the general education requirements that UVA requires for a bachelor’s degree. A complete listing of the general education requirements can be found on the RN to BSN web page. In addition, you should speak with the School of Nursing admissions counselor to develop a plan to take health assessment, pharmacology, microbiology, and lifespan development where needed. All applicants are encouraged to meet with Austin Stajduhar, Assistant Director for Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Aid, for a review of transfer credit.

What elective should I take in the fall of my second year?

Thirty credits must be earned at UVA to earn your BSN degree. This elective requirement needs to be taken at UVA. The Nurse Residency Program (NRP) at UVA can count as your elective. You must have completed the NRP after January 31, 2014 for this program to count as your elective. You can discuss additional elective options with your faculty advisor during your first year in the RN to BSN program.