How we ask, how we help.

VNL-F16-thumb A-letter patient arrives in labor and delivery eight months pregnant, visibly bruised, and breathless from premature labor. She tells her nurse that a refrigerator had fallen on her while she’d been scrubbing the floor, her steady gaze revealing nothing.

These years later, that nurse, Linda Bullock -- who’s become one of the nation’s foremost experts on domestic violence -- tells stories like these to remind students about the criticality of violence screening for both women’s and infants’ health. And while acknowledgement of violence is a primary step in its remedy, the very first step is arming students with the courage and sensitivity to ask tough personal questions.

Compassionately. Persistently. And without judgement.

So what are the best ways to ask about domestic violence? What are its effects on mothers and children if it's left unchecked? And if confided, how best to help? read more in the fall `16 VNL >>

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