Rural Health Care Research

A retired research center.


Rural health care researchers are responsive to the health care needs of impoverished individuals, racial and ethnic minorities, and the elderly living in rural areas.

Researchers test innovative clinical and system interventions including testing the adaptation of existing interventions for use in rural areas, training programs for rural health care providers in new nursing practices, investigating the role of emerging telehealth technologies in overcoming the scarcity of services and expertise in rural areas.

To further this work, researchers examine individual and organizational barriers common to rural areas including such factors as poverty, isolation, lack of specialty providers and resources, which are often a part of rural life.


  • Build the research infrastructure of the University of Virginia School of Nursing.
  • Foster interdisciplinary collaboration among nurse researchers and investigators from other disciplines.
  • Develop long-term community partnerships with rural clinicians, policy makers and consumer groups.
  • Improve rural health care by:
    • designing novel interventions to meet the specific needs of rural people in culturally appropriate ways;
    • use technology to deliver clinical and system interventions in rural settings;
    • adapting interventions developed in tertiary health care settings for use in rural areas;
    • training rural health care providers in new assessment and therapeutic techniques and system improvements