Kenneth White, PhD, A/GACNP-BC, FACHE, FAAN

University of Virginia Medical Center Professorship in Nursing
Associate Dean for Strategic Partnerships and Innovation at the School of Nursing

Department: Acute & Specialty Care

Office: CMNEB 3105
Phone: (434) 924-0091
Fax: (434) 924-2787

Ken White, Associate Dean for Strategic Partnerships and Innovation at the School of Nursing, holds the University of Virginia Medical Center Professorship in Nursing with joint appointments in the McIntire School of Commerce and the Darden School of Business.

With more than forty years of experience in healthcare organizations in clinical, administrative, governance, and consulting capacities, Dr. White spent 13 with Mercy Health Services as senior executive in marketing, operations, and international healthcare consulting before pivoting into academia. Between 1995 and 2001, he served as the associate director of the MHA and MSHA programs at Virginia Commonwealth University, and from 2001 to 2008, as the director of VCU's MHA program. White was the inaugural Charles P. Cardwell, Jr., Professor of Health Administration at VCU between 2006 and 2008, and was named the inaugural Sentara Healthcare Professor in 2012, before arriving at the University of Virginia in mid-2013. 

Dr. White is a registered nurse, adult/gerontology acute care nurse practitioner, and Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing. He is also a Fellow, former Regent and member of the Board of Governors of the American College of Healthcare Executives and holds visiting professorships at the LUISS Business School in Rome, Italy and the Swiss School of Public Health, in Lugano, Switzerland.

Research Focus

Describing and defining healthcare organization outcomes that vary by ownership type; improving palliative care education for nurses and physicians, and developing interventions that improve quality of life for people with life-limiting diseases or conditions.

Clinical Focus

Palliative care.

Teaching Focus

Master’s courses: management of healthcare organizations; quality, safety, and risk management; leadership; palliative care. PhD courses: organizational theory.


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