Student Organizations & Governance

Find a host of rich, rewarding opportunities to participate in student-led organizations, both here and abroad.

Men Advancing Nursing (MAN)

Multiculturalism in Nursing Today (MINT)

  • Erika Fernandez, president
  • Camille Davidson and Natalie Coday, co-vice presidents
  • Sydney Greenberg and Ashley Belfort, cultural and diversity event directors
  • Janell Green and Rebecca Abdul, financial officers
  • Daisy Trejo and Emily Uosseph, fundraising /community service outreach directors
  • Rachelle Proctor and Divya Babu, secretaries

Nursing Christian Fellowship

Doctoral Nursing Student Organization (DNSO)

Graduate Nursing Student Organization (GNSO)

Nursing Students without Borders

  • Beth Loudin, president
  • Lindsey Sinclair, vice president
  • Amy Gilchrist, secretary
  • Mary Mooney, treasurer
  • Erika Fernandez, El Salvador director
  • Audrey Baker, local initatives
  • Brianne Ermalinski, fundraising director

Sigma Theta Tau International, nursing honor society - Beta Kappa Chapter

Student Nurse Association of Virginia (SNAV)

  • Brittany Pierce and Heather Lister, co-presidents
  • Chelsea Hull and Cynthia Quarles, co-vice presidents
  • Ashley Self, treasurer
  • Rosa Yoon, secretary
  • Quinn DeMott and Lois Theo, legislative directors
  • Andreya Adams and Erika Fernandez, BTN directors
  • Katherine Brann and Jennifer Maneffa, newsletter editors
  • Jessica White, webmaster
  • Jessica Denomme and Ashley Hudson, historians
  • Emily Adam, Divya Babu and Erika Fernandez, community service committee
  • Quinn DeMott and Emily Koyen, social committee
  • Emily Cramer and Ashley Munoz, nominations & elections committee

UVA Professional Nursing Staff Organization (PNSO)

Nursing Student Council (NSC) officers, 2014-2015
The NSC is comprised of officers of the Student Association, the class presidents, and a chairperson elected by the student body and is responsible for all student functions within the School.

  • Marta Moore, president
  • Elizabeth Holohan, vice president
  • Kate Garity, secretary
  • Suz Gill, treasurer
  • Katie Sutton, social chair
  • Jane Muir, student council rep

Class of 2015

  • Jessica Borchert, president
  • Beth Loudin, vice-president
  • Quinn DeMott, secretary
  • Jennifer Arcilla, treasurer
  • Emma Volz, NSC rep
  • Renee Redman, social chair
  • Colleen Koppenhaver, historian
  • Ashley Self, endowment chair

Class of 2016

  • Ashley Munoz, president
  • Melina Rapazzini, vice president
  • Sally Haines, secretary
  • Emily Winchester, treasurer
  • Katherine Keegan, social chair
  • Laura Goad, endowment chair
  • Sarah Glatt, historian

Class of 2017

  • Isabella Piccininni, president
  • Mary Heekin, vice president
  • Carolyn Saunders, secretary
  • Paige Altrui, treasurer
  • Abby Carrier, social chair
  • Dani Roques, NSC rep
  • Jenna Parker, endowment chair
  • Kayla Fynaardt, historian

School of Nursing Governance
Students serve on a variety of standing committees with faculty and peers, including:

  • BSN program committee (2014-15): Marta Moore
  • RN to BSN program committee (2014-15): Ashley Mangum
  • MSN program committee (2014-15): Bailey Ocker
  • Diversity committee

UVA-wide governance