Student Organizations and Governance

NSWB in El Salvador Find a host of rich, rewarding opportunities to participate in student-led organizations, both here and abroad.


> Doctoral Nursing Student Organization (DNSO)

  • President Tamara Fischer-White
  • President-elect/Vice President & GSAS Student Council Rep. Kate Adelstein
  • Secretary Michelle Hehman
  • Treasurer (2yr. term) Holly Perez
  • Social Rep. (PhD) Lisa Letzkus
  • Social Rep. (DNP) Mary-Kay Goldschmidt
  • First-year PhD Rep. Hershaw Davis, Jr.
  • First-year DNP Rep. Hilda Taylor
  • DNP Upper Class Co-Rep. Debra Brunk and Sarah Martin
  • PhD Upper Class Rep. Rebecca Coffin
  • PhD Committee Rep. Donna Schminkey
  • SON Research Committee Rep. Neil Peterson


> Graduate Nursing Student Organization (GNSO)


 > Men Advancing Nursing (MAN)

  • Sylvanus Mensah


> Multiculturalism in Nursing Today (MINT)

  • Pres. Andrea King
  • Co-VPs Taylor Winston and Jesseca White
  • Secretary Rachel Proctor
  • Co-treasurers Andreya Adams and Janell Green
  • Co-PR Sylvanus Mensah and Kala Moore

> Nursing Christian Fellowship

  • Pres. Claire Hunn
  • Vice-president Rosa Yoon
  • Secretary Claire Meyers
  • Treasurer Nathan Demers
  • Service chair Abigail Whitaker


> Nursing Student Council (NSC) officers, 2013-14
The NSC is comprised of officers of the Student Association, the class presidents, and a chairperson elected by the student body and is responsible for all student functions within the School.

  • Pres. Maddie Graham
  • Vice President Darcy Alimenti
  • Secretary Katie Prey
  • Treasurer Kathryn Edwards
  • Social chair Guinevere Zimmerman
  • Student Council Rep. Caitlyn Veith

Class of 2014

  • Pres. Abby Whitaker
  • Vice-president Colleen Koletty
  • Secretary: Trish Averill
  • NSC rep: Malena Zelenko
  • Treasurer: Milly Macadam

Class of 2015

  • Pres. Marta Moore
  • Vice-president Beth Loudin
  • Secretary Quinn DeMott
  • Treasurer Suzanne Gill
  • NSC rep Hannah Wacks
  • Social chair Rosa Yoon
  • Historian Grace Hendrix
  • Endowment chair: Elizabeth Holohan

Class of 2016

  • Pres. Ashley Munoz
  • Vice-president Emily Thompson
  • Secretary Sally Haines
  • Treasurer Emily
  • Social chair Elise Bottimore
  • Endowment committee chair Amberly Marria


> Nursing Students without Borders

  • Pres. Kathryn Nickdow
  • Vice president Kathryn Giglio
  • Director of El Salvador Rachel Dobbs
  • Treasurer Beth Loudin
  • Fundraising director Margaret Allen
  • Local initiatives director Emily Ale
  • Secretary Colleen Koletty


> Sigma Theta Tau - Beta Kappa Chapter


> Student Nurse Association of Virginia (SNAV)


> UVA Professional Nursing Staff Organization (PNSO)


Representation in School of Nursing Governance:

Students serve on a variety of standing committees with faculty and peers, including:

> BSN program committee:

  • Alex Cirillo (2013-14) - RN to BSN representative
  • Maddie Graham (2013-14) - traditional BSN representative

> MSN program committee:

  • Katie Amos (2013-14) - CNL representative

> Diversity committee:

  • Mary Lacy Grecco (2013-14) - graduate student representative


Representation in UVA-Wide Governance:

> UVA Honor Committee Representatives

> UVA Judiciary Committee Representatives